Extrait de l'edition 1987-1988


born, Mar. 5, 1931. A.A. painting; metallogrammic iconography, sculpture. Rec. mountain climbing, swimming, music, reading, research. Car.: Exh. Exhibitions in the U.S.A.: Drawings and Watercolor of theFrench School 1900-1959, Masters of Modern Art, Contemporary French Masters,Specialists in XXt|·1 Century Masters, Collectors Choice. Numerous one-man shows. Over 300 paintings are in the important collections of all the big cities in North America and 90 in South America and Canada. 80 paintings are in European collections. Bib. Publications about the artist: tt Yatrides, le peintre hors du tumulte  by René Char {post}, it Yatrldes, Grand-MaTtre du Temps i> by Arthur Comte {historian}.
Cat. Holofigurative {Figurative of the Whole}, notion specially developed by A. Bourmeyster, semiologist and professor at the University of Grenoble III, in his work « Yatrides, I'Anti-Picasso » {220 p.l. A.P. SF 200000 l65x46}. Typo Litho 20x20 cm {single limited printing}, SF 50408; Litho 165x165 cm {single limited printing), SF 10900; Estampe 85x85 cm {single limited printing}, SF 8175; Original Graphite, SF 45000; Graphite lhand creeping 8f8} {single limited printing}, SF 21000; Original Ink, SF 108900; lnk {hand creeping 7f7l {single limited printing}, SF 36800; Metallogramme,

SF 32700!rn2. Nb. 70. {For information, title and price of recent works: 1982, L'UItime Unité 192x60 cml. SF410000: 1982, La Barque pour un Citron 1100x73 cm}, SF 5 ; 1982, L'Homme au Drap 1L'Anti-Stochastique} 1100x73 cm}, SF 550000; 1982, Le Pilier-Spirale, Reservoir du Temps 192x:65 cm}, SF 410000; 1982, Vibration Essentieile 1L'Experience, Phase Finaiel 1130x97 cm}, SF 820000; 1981, La Force Vitale 192x:60 crnl, SF 410000; 1981, La Cane a I'Orange " (100x73 cm}, SF 550000; 1981, L'Aboutissement des Lois (116x81 cm), SF 690000; 1978, L'Androgyne ou le Fils de I‘H0mme 1100x73 cm), SF 550000; 1973, Apostasie 1100x81cml, SF 763500; 1966, Tranches de Pasteques en Croix 100x81 cm}, SF 3080000; 1963, Christ, ~ Leica et Orange 192:-:73 cm}, SF 2310000; 1963, Hommes sur la Plage 1100x65 cm}, SF 3080000; 1963, L'AdoIescent et |'Enfant 1100x81 cm), SF 3080000. it is worthy of note that the works of Georges Yatrides entitled ii Tranches de Pasteques en Croix », le Christ, Leica et Orange ii, ri Hommes sur Ia Plage » and ii L'Adolescent et I'Enfant » iwhich belong to important private collections) have an higher cost than those executed in 1981-82, because they have been painted in the years 1963-66, and no work of this period has been presented on the art market for several years.}

ERRATUM : Dans Ie texte ci-dessus, extrait du Who's Who in International Art page 142 dans Ia rubrique "Typo Litho" il {aut Iire 20/20 (chitfres qui indiquent que cette "Typo-Litho" a ete realisee en vingt exemplaires) et non 20x20 cm qui correspondent a une surface. Ala rubrique "Lltho", pour les memes raisons, il faut Iire 165/165 et non pas 165>< 165 cm. Il en est de meme dans Ia rubrique "Estampes" ou il taut Iire 85/85 et non 85><85 cm. in the text herein extracted from Who's Who in international Art page 142, in the rubric "Typo-iitho" one must read 20/20 (numerals which indicate that these "Typo-i.ithos" carried out in 20 exampies and not 20x2O cm which correspond to a surface. To rubric "Litho", for the same reasons, one must read 165/165 and therefore not 165x 165 cm. The same applies in the rubric "Estampe" where one must read 85/85 and not 85 x 85 cm.

PREClSION : Les prix indiques concernent i'annee 1986, periode de realisation du Who's Who in International Art. The prices indicated refer to year 1986 at the time of reaiization of Who's Who in internationai Art.

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